Top Aux Cables to Choose From in 2019

Auxiliary cable, also known as aux cable, is used to provide input audio connection. It helps you to input sound from any media device through a headphone socket. Using an aux cable is the easiest and most convenient way of playing and transferring audio files. Here we have a list of the top ranking aux cables that you can use in 2019.

  • Innova Universal Stereo Audio 3.5mm AUX Cables

The Innova Universal Stereo 3.5mm aux cable works best with mp3 players, carport, tablets, and phones. It is 3mm long and has a 6mm diameter. It has a built-in high-quality polished metal connector that is corrosion resistant and blocks interference that helps in delivering original sound.

  • Cellularize Full Set of 10 Colors 3ft 3.5mm Aux Cables

The Noodle Record Stereo aux cables are easy to handle as they don’t get tangled. You can plug them in and play. They work best with computers, DVD players, microphones or headphones. These 3.5mm male to male cables are ideal for the audio systems used in homes, cars, offices, and studios. You can find these here:

  • Monster Aux Cable for iPod, iPad, and iPhone

The Monster AI 800 Mini aux cables are known as the most reliable cables. They are 7 feet long; therefore, it is easy to get access to devices that are placed far away from. As these cables have dually balanced connects. Thus, the sound remains natural. These cables are resistant to interference. They also have 24k gold contacts that help in resisting corrosion and provide the optimal signal transfer. These cables are durable, so they won’t snap even if pulled with a great force. You can find these here:

  • FosPower Aux Cables

The FosPower 3.5mm aux cables consist of 24k gold plated connectors that help in resisting corrosion. It also aids in reducing tarnish. These cables are copper braided and shielded with aluminum foil, which helps in providing flexibility and reducing interference. Its polyethylene foam dielectric insulator lessens the risk of signal loss.

  • Anker 3.5mm Premium Auxiliary Audio Cable

The Anker 3.5mm aux cables are ultra slim that can be connected to any phone or tablet. The best thing about the Anker cables is that you can connect them to any tablet without having to remove its case. They have a long bend lifespan than most original cables. It has a flexible cord, and it is 4 feet long.

  • ivanky  AUX Cable\AUX Cord

These aux cables are made from the pure copper shell, which helps in reducing signal loss. It’s aluminum foil makes sure to reduce the outside noise, thus making the sound purer. It has a high-quality nylon fiber cloth jacket which protects the cable from getting damaged when it is bent. Therefore, we can say that these aux cables have a long bend lifespan.

  • iXCC Male to Male 3.5mm Auxiliary Cable

The Ixcc AUX cables can be connected to portable audio devices, including Android phones or tablets and Apple devices. It has high quality polished metal connectors that resist corrosion. These cables are designed in such a way that its impossible for them to get tangled.